Event Security Consultancy Service

We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive event security and security planning services, for events of any size and any type. Whatever your needs Beyond The Blue has the insight, professional consultants and security managers to help you achieve your goals.

We thoroughly research your event in order to ensure that all potential issues are considered and challenges overcome; such as crowd dynamics, entry procedures, emergency evacuation, incident responses, close protection for VIP’s, pit staff for a live events etc.

We work closely with our clients from the early stages of the planning process, to ensure that the security plan covers all the areas which are affected by the activities undertaken as part of the event. We get involved in the build stage in order to advise on location of facilities, as well as structures such as marquees, bars, first aid tents, restricted areas, crowd barriers, fencing, etc.

Once the security systems for the event are in place, we create a streamlined and detailed plan for each individual member of the security team. Key personnel are involved in the planning form the inception and information is disseminated through a series of briefings prior to the event itself; this ensures that the transfer of information from the planning stages to the execution is smooth and comprehensive. We provide briefings for key individuals working on different aspects of the event (bars, technical crews, artistes, agents etc.) on all the relevant security information; this will include access routes, evacuation plans, restricted access levels and communications lines.

We can also get actively involved in your event, by providing our experienced Security Managers to work on and at your event to co-ordinate the security team. We can provide key supervisory staff with the experience and knowledge to work with in-house teams or contracted–out staff; either from the clients own contract or through our preferred suppliers.

Our ‘key security personnel’ are our most experienced, they can deal with any aspect of the security of an event, which they may be called on to assist with. They are also the team members we use to provide security for artistes and VIP’s when required, as they have extensive experience in close protection work at every level.

Throughout the event we manage the security operation and if changes to pre-existing plans are required we facilitate this process through the established security management structure.

Our professional event security service can be the catalyst for your event running smoothly and successfully. Our goal as always is to be effective but unseen, to protect without intruding, to be noticed without being the focus and to send your customers home safely with memories that will stay with them for all the right reasons.

For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your business.