Consultancy Service Introduction

Consultancy Services


We see two fundamental areas where our consultancy services can be effective for your business.


The first is to provide expert advice in the areas in which we specialise. The experience of our professional consultants means that we are ideally placed to provide our clients with the knowledge, information and advice they require.


The second is to offer clients the benefit of our considerable professional experience in refocusing their business or a specific aspect of their business. It is often difficult or impossible to identify or resolve issues from inside your own organisation, even the best managers can be blinded by over-familiarity; that’s where we come in.


Through our Consultancy Service we help set your business on the right track. Where there is a skills / knowledge gap we fill it.


Providing Solutions to Workplace Violence

The HSE define Workplace Violence as 'Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work'.

Workplace violence costs UK industry hundreds of millions of pounds every year, in reduced productivity, additional security costs, increased levels of employee absenteeism and higher employee turnover.

Our approach to resolving workplace violence is through a combination of workplace systems, premises design, technology and training. This allows our clients to manage conflict, resolve it and proactively reduce the impact it has on their business. Read more...


The Licensed Retail Sector

The licensed retail sector includes any premises where any Licensable Activity (Sale of Alcohol; Supply of Alcohol; Regulated Entertainment; or Late Night Refreshment) takes place.

This is a very heavily legislated sector; meeting current legislation and Retailing Alcohol Responsibly are the first steps in developing an effective business. This involves a combination of premises design, work systems and training.

Once these basics have been achieved, this highly competitive sector demands that businesses provide excellence in customer service. Ensuring that the 'customer experience' delivers repeat custom is our goal for your business.

Our experience of this sector means we provide our clients with the latest information and knowledge to meet their legislative requirements and offer a fresh approach to their business enabling them to deliver the solutions to move their business forward, towards a more successful future. Read more…


The Security Industry

In the private security industry success relies on the ability to offer effective solutions for the wide variety of threats which individuals, organisations and businesses face.

The personnel involved in the industry include; stewards, static or retail security guards, door supervisors, cctv operators, private investigators and close protection officers.

The provision of solutions to security issues lies in looking at innovative and co-ordinated approaches to the challenges faced.

Our approach is to review a combination of personnel, ‘location’ design, management systems, training and workplace specific schemes. Our experience allows us to create innovative, effective and dynamic solutions for our clients. Read more...


Fire Safety & Fire Risk Assessment  

Fire safety should be one of the top priorities for any business.

To conform with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 companies must have a documented Fire Risk Assessment which includes details of; emergency evacuation procedures; individual responsibilities; fire safety measures; fire fighting equipment; capacities; and which outlines the requirement of Fire Safety Training.

This risk assessment must be regularly reviewed and practised with proactive training programmes.

Our consultancy service delivers comprehensive fire safety solutions for our clients, including the provision or review of fire risk assessments. Read more...


Drug Awareness


Few if any workplaces in the UK are 100% drug free; your workplace may not have a ‘drug problem’ but with over 1 million cocaine users in the UK (and this is just one type of controlled drug) nearly 1 in 50 people across the UK use cocaine; in the case of ‘high risk’ workplaces such as bars, nightclubs and Universities these figures can be closer to the 1 in 10. 

Developing strategies to help free your workplace of controlled / illegal drugs involves a combination of training, design, co-operation with the police / local authorities and implementation of premises specific systems.

Our consultancy service will help you reduce the impact of drugs, drug use and drug dealing on your business / organisation. Read more...


Event Management 

The management of events relies on effective co-ordination between the many different sections which are involved in producing a successful event.

These sections include; Licensed Event Bars, Event Security, Fire Safety, Event Safety, Event Support Services, technical crews, artistes & entertainers, event attractions, dealing with local authorities, licensing, catering and many more.

We can provide you with assistance in all these areas, but more importantly we can help you ensure that all these areas work together and co-ordinate effectively and efficiently.

Our consultancy service helps you to identify the specific requirements of your event and ensures that different activities are not in conflict with each other, but rather that any crossover is positive and delivers cost efficiencies. Read more…


Students’ Unions and Universities

Our extensive expertise in this sector comes from years of working with Students’ Unions and Universities.

The strategic goals of Students’ Unions, Guilds, Associations and the commercial arms of the Universities themselves vary significantly from their direct competitors; yet they have to fiercely compete for their customers with multinationals and large companies with the substantial financial backing they enjoy.

In what often feels like a very un-level playing field, Students’ Unions and Universities still have the ability to be the best in their field and need to exploit their significant advantages to succeed.

We will can help you succeed in this unique sector, help you make the most of your potential and demonstrate that those with the most financial backing are not always the best at what they do; you can be. Read more…