Managing Conflict & Violence in the Workplace

Our conflict resolution training programmes and conflict management consultants will help you successfully navigate the challenges presented by threatening behaviour, harassment, aggression and violence in the workplace and allow you to focus on developing and building your organisation.







Why Choose Beyond the Blue?


Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy is recognised as an expert in the field of Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution by both our clients and industry bodies alike.


Our trainers are all highly experienced experts in their field, which allows them to provide first hand examples on the subjects they are teaching. Training is carried out in small groups and is highly interactive, incorporating a variety of learning styles including; open learning, classroom based learning, group work, scenario based learning and role play.


Beyond the Blue is a ‘BIIAB Grade 1’ training centre; the BIIAB describe grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’. For more information please visit Why Choose Beyond the Blue >>



Conflict Management & Conflict Resolution


Conflict management is the process of reducing the instances of threatening behaviour, aggression, harassment and violence in the workplace. This is achieved through a combination of effective workplace systems, design of the working environment and training to enable employees to act proactively.


Conflict resolution is a set of skills which can be used to lessen the impact of conflict when escalation occurs. Conflict management will reduce the instances of workplace violence, but will not eliminate them entirely; it is conflict resolution skills which will enable employees to avoid conflict escalating into physical aggression or violence.


Our Conflict Management & Resolution Course incorporates both sets of skills to enable both a reduction in the instances of conflict and also training in how to deal with conflict when it does occur.



Physical Intervention


The emphasis of all the training and services we deliver is on proactive prevention and resolution without resorting to any kind of physical contact.


Where there is a risk of physical aggression, employers must consider putting effective risk-reduction measures into place. Employees whose role demands that they have the capability to remove (escort) or restrain individuals, must receive adequate professional training to do so safely.


Our Physical Intervention Course teaches learners the importance of working as a team, using only professional techniques and applying our low-impact skills; designed specifically not to require strength, force or any form of pain-compliance to be effective.


Where employees are working alone or away from the support of colleagues or other suitably qualified persons, our Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course focuses on disengagement and break-away skills; to allow them to create space between themselves and an aggressor in order to ‘escape’ and / or seek help.



Who Would Benefit from Conflict Management & Conflict Resolution Training?

Our portfolio of conflict management courses are designed for anyone working in an environment where they have direct contact with the public or where internal conflict may arise. We already work with clients from the following sectors:


Hospitality industry Retail Health service Transport Revenue inspection Local authorities Security industry Event & venue stewards Education Traffic control Licensed retail & licensed hospitality Emergency services Local Authorities and many more…


We always welcome enquiries from new sectors and have proven time again that the skills we teach are transferable between a wide variety of working environments. 


For further details please Contact Us or call us on 01784 434 392 / 0800 066 55 24 to speak with one of our professional conflict management consultants.



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