An Introduction to Fire Safety & Drugs Awareness

Fire Safety

Fire Safety should be a priority for every employer of any size.

In order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 any premises, company or organisation with 5 or more employees or where premises are open to the public, is required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

The one common aspect of every fire Risk Assessment is that it will outline the requirement for all employees to receive relevant Fire Safety Training.

Our Fire Safety Consultancy Service can assist you in developing your Fire Risk Assessment and meeting your obligations under ‘the order’.

Our Fire Safety Training is developed to reflect each client’s specific working environment and based upon their Fire Risk Assessment in order to meet the requirements outlined in it. Each course covers the proactive approach to fire safety as well as actions and responsibilities in case of discovering a fire or the fire alarm sounding.

Drugs Awareness


The Drug Awareness training we deliver is directed at those working environments where controlled (illegal) drugs are used or where drug dealing takes place or has the potential to take place.


Few if any workplaces in the UK are 100% drug free; your workplace may not have a ‘drug problem’ but with over 1 million cocaine users in the UK (and this is just one type of controlled drug) nearly 1 in 50 people in the UK use cocaine. Often the demographic of visitors to specific workplaces can mean that this figure is reduced to 1 in 20; in the case of ‘high risk’ workplaces such as bars, nightclubs and Universities these figures can be closer to the 1 in 10.


Our Drug Awareness courses are aimed at helping those working in environments where controlled drug are used understand, recognise and proactively reduce the impact of drugs in their workplace.


By recognising the effect on drug users, the behaviour of drug dealers and the ‘drug litter’ left behind by drug use, it enables employers and employees to put preventative measures into place to reduce the impact on the business / organisation and work towards eliminating controlled drugs from the workplace.


The nature of our training means that we design courses for specific clients to reflect the nature of their business / organisation. This approach means that our Drugs Awareness Training is also a useful way of teaching people of all ages about the effects of illegal drugs, helping them to recognise drug use and understanding the consequences of drug use and the drugs trade.