Booze ban girl back in court

If ever evidence were needed to demonstrate that prohibition, minimum pricing or further restriction on licensing hours were not the solution to alcohol related crime and disorder then here it is.

This is truly an indictment on our society as a whole and demonstrates the significant cultural hurdles which need to be overcome when a criminal record is a badge of honour, alcoholism is viewed flippantly and our criminal justice system fails the victims of crime; as well as in this case the victim of society who needs help to overcome the failings which if not resolved quickly will end up killing her.

Sadly this is exactly the kind of story which will be pounced upon to increase regulation in the Licensed Retail Sector rather than realising that it demonstrates the need to take a much more comprehensive approach, through education, legislation and cyclical cultural change.

It will not give those who think that there is an instant solution any satisfaction, but you have to ask the question; what approach would have saved Laura from her fate? Minimum pricing? Shorter licensing hours? Further legislation on licensed premises?


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Source – Metro

Date – 21st April 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew