Dear Heroin

This article does not fit our usual approach to the topic of controlled drugs. However sometimes it is worth sharing articles if only to re-emphasise the terrible effect of these drugs. They go some way to highlighting how out of control true addicts really are and explains (it does not excuse) their behaviour and why they take some of the drastic actions they do.

This is a terribly sad and very powerful story and one I feel is worth sharing.

Hannah Meredith wrote this note just three weeks before she died from a heroin overdose. It is her parents who released the letter in the hope that it may deter other potential users. 

The Drug Awareness training we run is not drug counselling or targeted at drug users. We aim to help businesses and organisations deal with problems related to controlled drugs and help young people become more aware of the effects of these illegal drugs.


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Source – Metro 

Date – 25th February 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew