Electronic Applications - Licensing Act 2003

On the 28th December 2009 while most people were recovering from Christmas and preparing for New Year a change occurred in the way applications can be made for Premises Licence Applications, Minor Variations, Variations, Designated Premises Supervisor Applications, Temporary Event Notices and for the Review of a Premises Licence.

These applications and notices can now be made in writing as they were previously or electronically.

There are significant advantages in many cases to making these applications electronically;

  • For Premises Licence Applications the licensing authority will assume the responsibility for forwarding on a copy of your application to the seven ‘Responsible Authorities’ if you send the application electronically. If you make this application as a written (hard copy) application then you are still responsible for sending each authority a copy of your application and ensuring they are all sent on the same day.
  • Temporary Event Notices (TENs) may also be given electronically; in which case only the licensing authority needs to be notified and they have the responsibility of forwarding the notice on to the police.

These changes are courtesy of an European Union Directive and make these application processes less daunting for applicants in most cases, but for technophobes all applications can still be made in writing in the ‘traditional’ way.

All our relevant training courses reflect these changes and for candidates who have already taken our National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH) course an update for their NCPLH handbook is available; please Contact Us.

Source – Beyond The Blue

Date – 15th January 2010