FIFA World Cup 2014 – Licensing Hours

The government has approved the Licensing Act 2003 (FIFA World Cup Licensing Hours) Order 2014, which allows licensed premises in England to open later on match days without the need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) to show England World Cup Matches.

Please note this legislation does not apply to Wales; although after coming under some pressure the government has agreed not to charge licensed premises in Wales for any TEN given in relation to England matches.

Group Matches

The extended hours will only apply to those matches where the late (by UK time) kick-off will mean that premises with core hours (closing time of 23.00) would otherwise normally miss part or all of the game.

The hours to be extended only apply to the sale of alcohol and late-night refreshment; NOT regulated entertainment. Note: Live TV is not considered regulated entertainment.

Saturday 14th June 2014 – Kick-Off @ 23.00

England vs Italy - Licensing hours can be extended until 01.00

Thursday 19th June 2014 – Kick-Off @ 20.00

Uruguay vs England - Licensing hours can be extended until Midnight

Tuesday 24th June 2014 – Kick-Off @ 17.00

Costa Rica vs England – No extension to licensing hours permitted

Saturday 28th June or Sunday 29th June 20141 – Kick-Off @ 21.00

England in Round of 16 - Licensing hours can be extended until 01.00

Friday 4th July or Saturday 5th July 20141 – Kick-Off @ 21.00

England in Quarter Final - Licensing hours can be extended until 01.00

Tuesday 8th July or Wednesday 9th July 20141 – Kick-Off @ 21.00

England in Semi Final - Licensing hours can be extended until 01.00

Sunday 13th July 20141 – Kick-Off @ 20.00

Brazil vs England – FIFA World Cup Final… just imagine….

(Licensing hours can be extended until Midnight)

…..celebrations could go on for 48 years!

Opening Hours

The usual ‘drinking up time’ will apply, so if you are currently allowed to give your customers 30 min to finish drinking after your terminal hour for the sale of alcohol, then this will also apply to the new extended hours.

1If the Unthinkable Happens….

…and England are knocked out before the final, the extended hours will no longer apply. The additional hours only apply to England games and not to other nations games; if premises wish to open for those games they would need to apply for a Temporary events Notice.


It’s not too late to apply for a TEN for other games in the FIFA World Cup 2014, but time is running out. Remember for a Standard Temporary Event Notice a minimum of 10 clear working days must be given. In practice you therefore need just over two weeks before the game in question to apply.

We Can Help

Our licensing consultants can provide assistance and guidance in all licensing matters as well as assisting in the application for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) for special events on licensed or unlicensed premises. Our licensing consultants ensure compliance with all current legislation under the Licensing Act 2003 and associated legislation.

Please contact us on 01784 434 392 or email us at

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Author - Peter Mayhew is the Managing Director of Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy. He delivers training courses and provides expert opinion on alcohol & entertainment licensing for individuals, organisations and public bodies. Peter is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

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Page Updated: 10th June 2014