‘Live Music from 4am’ Causes Confusion

Licensing Officers and the Police descended on a pub in Surrey after being notified of a poster advertising ‘Live Music from 4am’.

To the consternation of the licence holder Kate Dillon, they had interpreted the advertising literally and assumed that there was going to be live music happening after 4am; rather than a band with name ‘4am’ playing at a more reasonable time in the evening.

The licensee has claimed to be angry and then rather ungraciously suggested that the police and licensing authority ‘had made idiots of themselves really’; a comment which will no doubt lead to her receiving more regular visits from the responsible authorities then she might have otherwise expected in the future…

This is obviously a failure in communication, the police were well advised to follow-up a report of late night live music and maybe more clarity in the advertising would have helped avoid the mix-up in the first place.

Above all there should not have been such a sense of humour failure on either side of the argument. The claim that 2 police officers and 2 licensing officers would somehow put locals off drinking at the venue seems unlikely, in reality the band 4am and the pub (the Feathers in Laleham) have never had so much free publicity; enjoy it.

Source – Band’s 4am name prompts licensing officer and police visit - BBC

Author - Peter Mayhew is the Managing Director of Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy and a frequent contributor to industry publications.

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