Organising Events

Whether it is an office Christmas party of 200 or a 10,000 capacity live event, we can help you with any event you are looking to organise.

We specialise in event security and event licensed bars as well as the overall management, co-ordinating all the different areas that make up a successful event. This may involve providing and liaising with artistes as well as local authorities and other interested parties.

We have years of experience in these areas and have developed relationships with many suppliers, individuals and companies who we work closely with.

Organising and managing events from the planning stage through to execution, involves having a very broad knowledge and skills base. We provide a consultancy service which can assist you with any individual aspect or your complete event; we adopt your event brief and use our experience and expertise.


Where appropriate our event consultants can act as event managers bringing their unique sector specific skills to directly benefit your event.  


We co-ordinate the schedule laid out during the planning stages to ensure that each individual area co-operates and acts in a manner conducive to productivity, efficiency and the use of all available resources to make the event a success.


The event manager co-ordinates the event through a team of event specialists; this approach also allows us to empower more individuals and make the most of all the skills available to us both from Beyond The Blue and those already present within your organisation; we believe strongly in the creation of a team and the delegation of responsibility to individuals, this plays and integral role in our success.


Organising events requires expertise in many different areas, our experts can assist you with your event planning and execution. For further information please visit the following pages of our website:



For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your event.