98.1% Pass Rate for BIIAB Courses

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Throughout 2015 Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy achieved a 98.1% pass rate for all learners who attended BIIAB accredited training courses which we delivered.

Having just reviewed all of the data from the past year (2015) we are delighted to announce that we have maintained our consistently high pass rate for BIIAB qualifications.

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BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

Not only did 98.1% of all learners pass their exams, but 97.3% of candidates attending our training passed the associated APLH exam at the first attempt.

We are exceptionally pleased that learners attending our Personal Licence Course in 2015 achieved an Average Exam Pass Score of 37/40; equivalent to an average exam score of 93%.

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98.4% Approval Rating

We are pleased to be able to publish our approval ratings for 2015; these show we received an Overall Approval Rating of 98.4% from all learners who attended training with Beyond the Blue, across the whole portfolio of courses we delivered in 2015.

We consider a score of either 4 or 5 as an 'approval rating'; a score of 3 as 'average'; 2 as 'Poor'; and 1 as ‘Very Poor’:

The following approval ratings were received for the core areas of:

  • ‘Course Content’ – 99.4%
  • ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’ – 100%
  • ‘Presentation of Information’ – 98.8%
  • ‘Training & Examination Facilities’ – 94.5%
  • ‘Accomplished Learning Objectives’ – 98.4%
  • ‘Course Administration’ – 97.8%
  • ‘Overall Courses Satisfaction’ – 99.6%

100% Satisfaction Achieved

In the core subjects of ‘Course Content’, ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’, ‘Presentation of Information’, Accomplished learning Objectives’, ‘Course Administration’ and ‘Overall Course Satisfaction’ we did not receive a single below average score1 throughout the whole of 2015.

1An average score is considered to be 3 out of 5; where 1 = Very Poor & 5 = Excellent.

Striving for Excellence

Overall only 0.3% of the scores received were below the average score of 3.

We always welcome constructive criticism and while we seek to deliver excellence for every client, we are satisfied that on average only 1 in every 400 of the scores received from people attending our training, suggest we are falling below average. This tiny number of below average scores are also all in the areas of ‘training and examination facilities’; an area where we rely on external companies to provide services.

The below average scores reflect the very few individuals who legitimately founds our training facilities below average; for example, they were too cold or warm when we experienced problems with air-conditioning. We are however pleased that 99.7% of people rated our training facilities 3 (average) or above; 94.5% rated them at 4 or 5.

For more details on our approval rating and the individual areas in which we excel please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

Learner Feedback

The following comments are a selection of the feedback we received from learners in 2015. These provide an independent perspective and opinion from industry professionals who have benefitted from our training and services:

  • The content, presentation and teaching techniques were excellent and the teacher is very skilled. Excellent – Leila Moss-Thomas, Remarkable Restaurants
  • Really good, Peter was a fantastic trainer and presented the information in an easily digestible way. – George Smith, Jetlag Sports Bar
  • Really good course & informative. Liked the handouts & activities. – Elizabeth Stevenson
  • Very informative, very thorough and good up-to-date knowledge. – Terri Sinclair, Captain C Hall & Crew Limited
  • Trainer was knowledgeable, all the content was informative. Service very good as a whole package – Nicole du Preez, Citigroup
  • The whole training was undertaken in a very professional manner, covering all the areas of the real application of licensing law in a day to day business, with great examples. – Jaroslav Chudej, Peyote Restaurant
  • This was an extremely useful exercise, not only to take a step to becoming qualified, but to understand how better run our business. Would recommend to anyone. – Lianna Martin, Kerb Food
  • I feel like I have learned a lot today. Before I came here I was very confused and found it hard to find anywhere where the information was presented anywhere near as clearly. Thank you. – Camilla Cowie
  • Really good trainer. Peter was a very engaging presenter, which meant the day went fast. He was also very knowledgeable about all aspects of the course – Gabriella Fusher, Ultimate Experience (Concerto Group)
  • It taught me to think about aggressive situations better. – Ashley McCalla, Builder Depot
  • I thought the was an excellently presented course that will prove very useful. Thanks very much. – Dave White, Watchmakers Arms
  • The course was brilliant and so was the trainer. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. – Luwan Werede, The Cuban Camden
  • The course has been interesting and have given me more knowledge. Also I would like to say that Mr Mayhew has been really professional. – Carla Mandas, Camden Dining
  • Good course. I will send my employees and am confident coming to Beyond the Blue if I need additional licensing help in the future. – Nico Boelee, London Selection
  • Very well presented with a little humour to ensure the time passed quickly. – David Wright, Really Useful Theatres Group
  • I feel it was a very well thought out & well prepared day of learning, presented by someone whom obviously knows his stuff; instilling confidence from the beginning. – Millie Celeste, Hamleys
  • Really good, all queries answered with fantastic knowledge and recommendations. – Christopher Llewellun
  • Covered all the ground quickly with plenty of opportunity to ask questions or clarify. – Susan Hyland
  • Very informative and professional, covered a wide range of topics in an understandable and personable manner. – Daniel Chapman, Dog & Bull
  • Feel more confident and aware there is so much to be implemented. Great learning day! – Pierre Gwet Mbem
  • Very good impression about the bredth of the law and the responsibilities of a licence holder. - Ben Osman, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Fantastic course, very well delivered and informative. – Jose Lara, Wahaca
  • I found it to be very beneficial especially since I am from outside the UK and am not aware of UK policies, regulations etc. – Tristan Laubscher, Virgin Active
  • Very well planned, made to feel welcome, very interesting. – Garry Holman, Imperial War Museum
  • A very thorough, structured course that was both detailed and engaging. – Emma Donnell, Really Useful Theatres Group
  • Good Course, very informative and relevant to our site. Thanks! - [Anonymous], Southbank Centre
  • It was much more interesting than I thought it would be until I attended the course. I appreciate that. – Anna Spry, Atari-Ya Limited

To view more learner feedback comments please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

We would like to thank all of the clients whom we worked with in 2015 and wish them continued success in 2016.

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Author - Peter Mayhew is the Director of Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy. He delivers training courses and provides expert opinion on alcohol & entertainment licensing and conflict management & resolution for individuals, organisations and public bodies. Peter is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

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