98.1% Pass Rate for BIIAB Courses

Beyond the Blue Approved by BIIABThroughout 2018 Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy achieved a 98.1% pass rate for all learners who attended BIIAB accredited training courses which we delivered.

Having just reviewed all of the data from the past year (2018) we are delighted to announce that we have maintained our consistently high pass rate for BIIAB qualifications.

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BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

Not only did 98.1% of all learners pass their exams, but 96.7% of learners attending our training passed the associated APLH exam at the first attempt.

We are exceptionally pleased that learners attending our Personal Licence Course in 2018 achieved an Average Exam Pass Score of 36.5/40; equivalent to an average exam score of 91%.

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98.98% Positive Approval Rating

We are also pleased to be able to publish our approval ratings for 2018; these show we received an Overall Positive Approval Rating of 98.98% from all learners who attended training with Beyond the Blue, across the whole portfolio of courses we delivered in 2018.

We consider a score of either 4 or 5 as a 'positive approval rating'; a score of 3 as 'average'; 2 as 'Poor'; and 1 as ‘Very Poor’:

Throughout the whole of 2018, the following positive approval ratings were received for the core areas of:

  • ‘Course Content’ – 100%
  • ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’ – 99.85%
  • ‘Presentation of Information’ – 98.96%
  • ‘Training & Examination Facilities’ – 96.86
  • ‘Accomplished Learning Objectives’ – 98.95%
  • ‘Course Administration’ – 98.35%
  • ‘Overall Courses Satisfaction’ – 99.85%

100% Satisfaction Achieved

In the core subjects of ‘Course Content’, ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’, 'Accomplished Learning Objectives’ and ‘Overall Course Satisfaction’ we did not receive a single below average score1 throughout the whole of 2018.

1An average score is considered to be 3 out of 5; where 1 = Very Poor & 5 = Excellent.

Striving for Excellence

Overall only 0.04% of the scores received were below the average score of 3.

We always welcome constructive criticism and while we seek to deliver excellence for every client, we are satisfied that on average only 1 in every 2500 of the scores received from people attending our training, suggest we are falling below average. This tiny number of below average scores are also only in the areas of ‘Training & Examination Facilities’ & ‘Presentation of Information’; they were all related to issues outside of our control or where we rely on external companies to provide services.

The below average scores reflect the very few individuals who legitimately founds our training facilities below average; for example, they were too cold / warm or when we experienced problems with presentation equipment.

In those two areas where we unfortunately had individual below average scores, the great majority of scores are still above average, most being either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’; as can be seen by the breakdown of scores for the whole year 2018 for these two areas:

‘Training & Examination Facilities’

5 (Very Good) – 79.49%
4 (Good) – 17.37%
3 (Average) – 2.99%
2 (Poor) – 0.00%
1 (Very Poor) – 0.15%

‘Presentation of Information’

5 (Very Good) – 85.10%
4 (Good) – 13.86%
3 (Average) – 0.89%
2 (Poor) – 0.15%
1 (Very Poor) – 0.00%

For more details on our approval rating and the individual areas in which we excel please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

Learner Feedback

The following comments are a selection of the feedback we received from learners in 2018. These provide an independent perspective and opinion from industry professionals who have benefitted from our training and services:

  • Trainer was very good at explaining everything. I was made to feel at ease – Kelly Keegan
  • Very good course, well built and builds on each section to give a good overall understanding – Daniel Esplen, Fashion Fusion
  • Fantastic. An extremely productive and informative day. Peter knew his stuff and kept us totally amazed and engaged all day. – Catherine Winter, Squires Garden Centres
  • I found the course very informative, especially for my role in learning more about our venue & the licence conditions – Anna Jankowski, London Stadium
  • Made a potentially boring subject engaging for one day. Learned a lot of random facts I didn’t know – Amelia Mann, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
  • It was great and professional course. The trainer had so much experience and knowledge to back up all the information and present it in an interesting way – Hudson House
  • Much more engaging and interactive than [competitors name redacted] and love there is a structure to the presentation – Victoria Mattei
  • I found the course content and presenter very engaging. I enjoyed it very much. – Gokce Stringer
  • Really good, very knowledgeable, therefore have lots of trust in content – Beth Mason, TWD London
  • Covered the most important points thoroughly and summarised others in a very clear manner. Always checked we understood each point be regularly asking relevant questions! – John Perez, Drake & Morgan
  • Very comprehensive, explained well. Keep doing what you are doing! – Rosie Devine, Background Bars
  • Very comprehensive, every question was answered fully and examples / relevant scenarios were used – Jon Starmer
  • Absolutely fantastic training, one of the best I have attended in terms of richness of content and delivery – Ali MacDonald, The Spiritory
  • Humanised and made relevant some very dry material. Kudos! – Dan Oliver - Wahaca
  • Really enjoyable day. Great content. Really nice how Peter re-enforced learning of the key things we needed to learn – Thomas Danquah, Drake & Morgan
  • Fully informative. We were able to ask any questions which were all answered – C&B Lime Street
  • Really informative, relaxed & professional session. I will recommend. – Sarah Boden, Little Red Coffeevan
  • It was very useful, definitely learned new things, trainer was great and had a great way of presenting his knowledge. – Tamara Toth, Lansdowne Club London
  • Peter was a great tutor – very engaging and knowledgeable. He fostered enthusiasm in the group from start to finish. - Laura Field, Remarkable Pubs
  • Brilliant course, really engaging and interesting, funny and enthusiastic. – Brendon Quartey
  • Great! Professional trainer who made content a lot easier to understand and take in. – Michelle MacHardy, Squires Garden Centres
  • Awesome! Peter made it very interesting & Fun! – WeWork
  • Far more informative than previous course I did in Scotland. I would use again for other training. – Craig Maxwell
  • This was a truly enlightening and informative session. Peter is a great teacher and a pleasure to listen to. - Alexander Capstick, The Fable
  • Informative, Engaging. Provided practical examples and answered any questions as they came up. Will recommend to colleagues. - Heather Blair, London College of Communication
  • Very thorough and informative. Makes you feel prepared for the exam and future work. – Anton Green, English National Ballet
  • Very helpful training. Made me feel more comfortable working an event in the future. - Marta, WeWork

To view more learner feedback comments please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

We would like to thank all of the clients whom we worked with in 2018 and wish them continued success in 2019. We look forward to working with you again.

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Author - Peter Mayhew is the Director of Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy. He delivers training courses and provides expert opinion on alcohol & entertainment licensing and conflict management & resolution for individuals, organisations and public bodies. Peter is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

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