98.3% Pass Rate for BIIAB Courses

Throughout 2014 Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy achieved a 98.3% pass rate for all learners who attended BIIAB accredited training courses which we delivered.

Having just reviewed all of the data from the past year (2014) we are delighted to announce that we have maintained our consistently high pass rate for BIIAB qualifications.

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BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

Not only did 98.3% of all learners pass their exams, but 97.63% of candidates attending our training passed the associated APLH exam at the first attempt.

We are exceptionally pleased that learners attending our personal licence course in 2014 achieved an Average Exam Pass Score of 37/40; equivalent to an average exam score of 93%.

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98.1% Approval Rating

We are pleased to be able to publish our approval ratings for 2014; these show we received an Overall Approval Rating of 98.1% from all learners who attended training with Beyond the Blue, across the whole portfolio of courses we delivered in 2014.

We consider a score of either 4 or 5 as an 'approval rating'; a score of 3 as 'average'; 2 as 'Poor'; and 1 as ‘Very Poor’:

The following approval ratings were received for the core areas of:

  • ‘Course Content’ – 98.5%
  • ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’ – 99.9%
  • ‘Presentation of Information’ – 97.7%
  • ‘Training & Examination Facilities’ – 95.2%
  • ‘Accomplished Learning Objectives’ – 98.3%
  • ‘Course Administration’ – 97.1%
  • ‘Overall Courses Satisfaction’ – 99.7%

100% Satisfaction Achieved

In the core subjects of ‘Course Content’, ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’, ‘Presentation of Information’, 'Accomplished learning Objectives’ and ‘Overall Course Satisfaction’ we did not receive a single below average score1 throughout the whole of 2014.

1An average score is considered to be 3 out of 5; where 1 = Very Poor & 5 = Excellent.

Striving for Excellence

Overall only 0.2% of the scores received were below the average score of 3.

We always welcome constructive criticism and while we seek to deliver excellence for every client, we are satisfied that on average only 1 in every 500 of the scores received from people attending our training, suggest we are falling below average. This tiny number of below average scores are also in the areas of ‘training and examination facilities’ and ‘course administration’; both areas where we rely on external companies to provide services.

For more details on our approval rating and the individual areas in which we excel please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

Learner Feedback

We will shortly be publishing a selection of the comments we received from learners in 2014. This information is currently being collated.

To view more learner feedback comments from previous years, please visit How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue >>

We would like to thank all of the clients whom we worked with in 2014 and wish them continued success in 2015.

We Can Help

Our licensing consultants can provide assistance and guidance on all licensing matters, as well as on operational procedures in relation to age verification to ensure compliance with all current legislation under the Licensing Act 2003 and associated legislation.

We also deliver training for front-line staff working in the licensed hospitality and licensed retail sectors.

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More Information

Author - Peter Mayhew is the Director of Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy. He delivers training courses and provides expert opinion on alcohol & entertainment licensing and conflict management & resolution for individuals, organisations and public bodies. Peter is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

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Page Updated: 18th February 2015