New Pricing for Conflict Management Training

Beyond the BlueWe have reviewed our pricing structures to make training more accessible to more people.

We have always tried to find a balance between offering value for money and maintaining the quality of our training and services. Following a review of pricing structure for Conflict Management & Resolution Course, Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course and Physical Intervention Course we feel we have stuck a better balance, one which will enable employers to train more employees.


Group Sizes

Because of the interactive nature of conflict management courses, conflict resolution courses and those courses where physical intervention or personal safety are taught, group sizes must be kept relatively small in order for training to be effective. The maximum course sizes vary, but generally we tend to recommend that no more than 15 attend at any time; when circumstances demand larger group sizes, we always supply additional trainers, as the interactive elements are vital to the training being effective.

Because some organisations only have small groups they wish to train we have always offered training on a fee per learner basis, which allowed clients with smaller groups to benefit. This approach also meant that larger groups could be divided and training delivered in separate sessions at no additional cost; therefore being more convenient for employers who could not afford (operationally) to ‘lose’ a large number of staff on a training day at one time.


Training Budgets

The final piece of the jigsaw was overall cost against budget available. Everyone has budget constraints within their organisation, much as we might argue that slashing training budgets is a false economy, we are not ignorant of the realities of business. Therefore one of the key elements of the review of our pricing structure, was to consider how we might make training more people cost effective for employers?

The idea was to see if our fixed costs could not be consolidated, to provide employers with a cost benefit if they trained more people at the same time. In other words, if for example, we can meet our fixed costs by training 6 learners, can we not reduce the cost of the employer putting another 6 people through the course at the same time, rather than them having to wait for their new budget to come around the following month or year before training the rest of their team; after all our mantra is ‘that there one thing worse than training an employee and having them leave; and that is not training an employee and having them stay’?


Our New Pricing Structure

We have always been very transparent with all our pricing. We publish all our fees clearly on our website and our fees are all inclusive; we do not advertise one fee and add extras at every stage of the booking process.

I believe we have achieved all these aims with our new pricing structure which is a compromise between the traditional pricing structures of either a fixed rate for the day or a fee per learner. We are effectively offering a low course fee with the addition of a low per learner fee.


Conflict Management & Resolution Course (min. 5 learners) More Info>>>

Course Fee: £270             +          Fee per Learner £50


Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course (min. 5 learners) More Info>>>

Course Fee: £300             +          Fee per Learner £60


Physical Intervention Course (min. 5 learners) More Info>>>

Course Fee: £300             +          Fee per Learner £60


To demonstrate the benefits of this new pricing structure for clients in comparison with our old fees the following savings could be made:

Conflict Management & Resolution Course:

  • 10 Learners - Saving £220.00 or 23%
  • 15 Learners - Saving £405.00 or 28%

Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course:

  • 10 Learners - Saving £200.00 or 18%
  • 15 Learners - Saving £450.00 or 27%

Physical Intervention Course:

  • 10 Learners - Saving £200.00 or 18%
  • 15 Learners - Saving £450.00 or 27%

All prices are quoted exclusive of vat at the current rate


Source – Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy 

Date – 4th July 2011

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew


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