Minor Variation to a Premises Licence Service

We offer a complete premises licence minor variation service for clients with an existing premises licence wishing to make small changes to that licence. 

An application for a minor variation to a premises licence is required where you intend to make operational changes to the existing premises licence, which will in no way affect the licensing objectives; the reasons to apply for a minor variation of a premises licence include:


  • Changes to the plan of the premises – Where structural changes take place or a change of layout affects fixed structures within the premises, a new plan must be submitted; these will only be accepted where they do not affect capacity increases or emergency evacuation routes.
  • Add to the permitted licensable activities – add a new form of regulated entertainment or late night refreshment not currently covered by your premises licence.
  • Change the permitted hours – Small changes to the hours during which you carry out regulated entertainment or provide late night refreshment; but not in relation to the sale of alcohol.
  • Change the operating hours – Small changes to the hours members of the public are allowed to be on the premises; usually only to aid dispersal rather than as an extension to the permitted hours.
  • Remove premises licence conditions – Where premises licence conditions are no longer applicable, these can be removed; changes to the conditions will only be considered where existing conditions are defunct and no longer relevant due to change in circumstances.

Where your proposed changes will have a potential impact on any one or more of the licensing objectives, you will be required to submit an Application to Vary a Premises Licence.

This service allows our clients the peace of mind to know the minor variation to their premises licence will be completed comprehensively and in the quickest possible time-frame.


How we Approach Your Minor Variation to a Premises Licence:

  1. Discussion with the Client – We will contact you to discuss your requirements and the particulars of the application for a minor variation of your premises licence. We use our experience and knowledge to advise you of all your options and make recommendations based on your business plan.
  2. Contact the local Licensing Authority & responsible authorities – We contact the local licensing officer (and where appropriate other responsible authorities) to discuss the premises licence minor variation, in order to try and ensure that it will be accepted.
  3. Submit the application for a minor variation to the premises licence – We complete the application forms, organise copies of the plans (where required). Provide the existing premises licence (or provide a statement saying why the premises licence is not available), pay the fee and submit the complete application for a minor variation of the premises licence to the licensing authority.
  4. Notify interested parties – We provide you with sufficient notices to be placed in a prominent locations (we will advise you on these locations) at the premises.
  5. Send you your revised premises licence & summary certificate – Successful premises licence minor variations are returned to the client within 24 hours of being received by us.

A 10 day consultation period is allows for relevant representation (objections against your minor variation) to be received from any ‘responsible authority’ or ‘interested party’, the Licensing Authority will take them into account when arriving at a decision; representation are only ‘relevant’ if it the minor variation will have an impact on at least one of the licensing objectives. Where the minor variation is rejected, the applicant has no option but to submit an Application to Vary a Premises Licence; if they choose to pursue the matter.



Our fees for the application for a minor variation to a premises licence service are transparent, but due to the disparity in each different minor variation some of the cost will be variable.

  • Application for a minor variation to a premises licence service - £280.00 + vat.; this cost covers completion of the application forms, the initial client discussions and negotiations with the licensing authority & other relevant responsible authorities.
  • Licensing authority application fee – £89.00
  • Premises plans1 if we are required to produce plans or photocopy large format plans the cost of these services will be added.
  • Site visits2 Where a site visit is required for the purpose of meeting the client or viewing the premises this will be based on our hourly rate1.
  • Postage – is by special delivery (signed for) or where required by next day delivery and charged out at cost.
  • Travel & Accommodation2travel and over-night stays are charged out at cost

1Where additional costs may be incurred for applications (eg. where a new premises licence plan is required), these are discussed and agreed with the client before any costs are incurred. Time spent above that standard time allocated within the service package, will be agreed in advance with the client and fees will be based on our hourly consultancy rate (£85.00 per hour).

2Minor variations usually do not require site visits, unless we have to design or significantly alter the plan of the premises


Why Choose Beyond the Blue as your Licensing Consultant?

Our licensing consultants are experienced in delivering premises licence applications, variation and transfers of all sizes, from 20 story buildings to 10m2 spaces.  We work with clients from almost every sector of the licensed retail and licensed hospitality sector, including businesses as diverse as blue chips, hotels, event companies, festival organisers, retail shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, warehouses and boats on the river.

Beyond the Blue is a ‘BIIAB Grade 1 Approved Centre’; the BIIAB describe Grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’.

The BIIAB is the most recognised awarding body in the licensed retail and licensed hospitality sector, accounting for over 80% of all qualifications issued. The BIIAB are the awarding body of choice for local licensing authorities.

For more reasons why you should choose Beyond the Blue as you training provider, to view a selection of client feedback, please visit the Why Choose Beyond the Blue Page of our website.


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