Fire Safety Consultancy Service

Fire Safety must be a priority in every workplace.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (‘the order’) states that any premises, company or organisation with 5 or more employees (not necessarily working on the same site) or where the premises is open to the public, is required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment; once completed they must act on the findings of that assessment and provide training to their staff.

Our fire safety consultants provide services to companies in many different sectors, from office based operations to the hospitality industry and the events business. We enable our clients to meet their obligations under ‘the order’ and develop effective and proactive approaches to fire safety.

Our approach to Fire Safety can be broken down into three key areas.



Proactive Fire Safety


Proactive fire safety audits your existing work systems, facilities and fire safety equipment and reinforces those which are effective to support good practice and removes and replaces those which are ineffective.


These are recorded as part of the Fire Risk Assessment and come together in the form a fire safety handbook which can be used in association with your Fire Safety Training programme.


Our consultancy project will also develop fire safety check-lists specific to your workplace, making it simple and straight forward for regular fire safety checks to be carried out and recorded by appointed persons within your team.



Emergency Evacuation Procedures


Every workplace must have a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan. All too often it is assumed that when the alarm sounds people will leave of their own accord in an orderly manner. Many studies have demonstrated that this is not the case and that confident guidance from a competent person will be followed in the case of an emergency; this will save valuable minutes in the case of a real emergency and saves lives.


A comprehensive emergency evacuation plan should contain detailed duties for every person involved in the process. We believe in the merits of involving everyone available in some form in the evacuation plan; especially in workplaces where the public have access. With just a small amount of training this can often increase the number of people with the knowledge to perform these procedures three or fourfold.


Emergency evacuation procedures must be practiced by performing fire drills; these allow you to evaluate their effectiveness. Our consultants can be present at your fire drills to perform the evaluation and report back.


As part of the consultancy process we will provide you with a detailed evacuation plan which is easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to remember once away from the classroom.



Fire Safety Training


Every fire risk assessment must outline the training requirements for each employee; ‘the order’ stipulates that every employee must receive appropriate levels of fire safety training. We can provide you with workplace specific fire safety training which reflects your workplace and includes detailed fire evacuation procedures.


For more details on our training solutions please visit our Fire Safety Training page.




Although the process of developing a Fire Risk Assessment can be complicated our approach is to make the fire safety systems easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to execute. This encourages the engagement of employees in the regular safety check process, the adherence to safe working practices which promote fire safety and makes systems easy to recall when stress levels are at their highest in real life emergencies.


For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your business.