Award in Conflict Managment Course Overview

The BIIAB Award in Conflict Management (ACM) helps clients whose employees provide services to the public to avoid and manage conflict within their workplace.


The BIIAB describe the course as:

"This award has been designed in conjunction with conflict management specialists in the licensed retail sector. Incidents of workplace violence can range from the relatively minor problems of people causing nuisance in a premises, for example through unacceptable levels of swearing, to serious incidents involving physical abuse and damage to property.

The BIIAB Award in Conflict Management is designed to enable candidates to understand:


  • the responsibilities of both employers and employees in relation to workplace violence under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • what is meant by the terms 'risk' and 'hazard', and the causes of workplace violence
  • how to identify and reduce hazards through risk assessment to reduce the likelihood of conflict arising
  • why and how conflict situations can arise, and how to avoid them
  • how to deal with conflict when it has arisen
  • the law in relation to self-defence victim support, and the importance of reporting and recording incidents of workplace violence"


The Award in Conflict Management is designed specifically for the Licensed Retail Sector and compliments the portfolio of BIIAB courses for those wishing to develop their skills within the sector.


The view where bar staff serve drinks and door supervisors deal with conflict and disturbance is very outdated.


SIA licensed Door Supervisors receive conflict management training as part of the National Certificate for Door Supervisors (NCDS). By training other members of your team in the Award in Conflict Management it creates a safer working environment, as these staff will recognise the initial signs or conflict and manage them before they turn violent. This proactive approach creates not just a safer working environment, but can lead to substantial reductions in security related costs and increase turn-over as a direct result of customer loyalty which comes with providing a safe, trouble-free and friendly social environment.


Due to the specific nature of the Award in Conflict Management and the syllabus that has to be followed in order to prepare candidates for the examination, it is not necessarily appropriate for candidates working outside of the licensed retail sector. For these clients we would recommend our Conflict Management and Resolution course which we design specifically for each individual client.


For environments where there is a higher risk of physical violence, we would recommend that clients also consider a course in Physical Intervention to provide employees with low-impact personal safety, restraint and escorting techniques.


For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the BIIAB Award in Conflict Management (ACM) course please visit BIIAB Award in Conflict Management - FAQs.