Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course

Course Title
Personal Safety for Lone Workers

Beyond the Blue Certificate of Attendance (Compliant with NHS SMS Criteria)

Course Duration
1 Day

Continuous (Trainer) Assessment

In-House Course Fee
£270.00 per course + £59.00 per learner; see below for further details

Booking Options

  • Call 01784 434 392 or 0845 602 55 95 and talk to a member of our professional team of lone worker safety consultants.
  • Complete an Enquiry Form >> for an In-House Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course at your workplace anywhere in the UK.

In-House Course – Personal Safety for Lone Workers Training

Our lone worker safety course is delivered in 1 day. Personal safety for lone workers courses are based on a training needs analysis we carry out to determine the appropriate level / style of lone worker safety training required in relation to the risks faced in the working environment. Each personal safety for lone workers course is designed specifically to reflect the needs of the individual client and to meet their learning objectives.

If you have a group of learners you would like us to deliver the personal safety for lone workers course to, we offer in-house group courses (min. 5 learners)1 for clients throughout the UK and internationally.

The lone worker safety course can be delivered either at the client’s own workplace or at a training facility we will provide close by. Personal safety for lone workers training is delivered at the convenience of our clients; including weekends where required.

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Course Fees2– Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course

Our fee structure is designed to enable our clients to train more of their employees, as the more learners who attend a course, the less each individual learner costs.

Each course day has a fixed fee of £270 as a starting point, which allows us to offer a low individual learner fee of £59.

For example; for a group of 15 learners, the actual all inclusive fee is Only £77 per Learner.

Call us on 01784 434 392 / 0845 602 55 95 to book a personal safety for lone workers course or to speak with one of our professional lone worker safety consultants; Contact Us >>

No Hidden Extras2 - Course Fees include all course materials, tuition & certification. We provide each learner with a set of hand-outs which they can use as a reference, in order to refresh their knowledge once they return to their workplace.

Course Description – Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course

Our lone worker safety course is designed specifically to help learners deal with workplace violence; especially where they are working on their own or with limited access to assistance from others.

Workplace Violence represents itself in many different forms including; conflict, bullying, intimidation, verbal aggression, threatening behaviour, harassment, physical aggression and violence.

Lone worker safety training combines key elements of conflict management / conflict resolution theory, alongside personal safety skills and break-away / disengagement techniques.

The primary objective of lone worker safety training, is to help learners proactively manage and resolve conflict in order to minimise aggression and violence in their workplace. Unfortunately in some working environments, while effective conflict management and conflict resolution skills will dramatically reduce the instances of escalation, they will not eliminate them entirely.

In these working environments our low-impact personal safety, break-away and disengagement techniques allow lone workers and those working with limited assistance available, to create distance and escape an aggressor. Our personal safety techniques are specifically designed to be low-impact and do not require the use of force or strength to be effective.

Not only does lone worker safety training reduce the instances of workplace violence, it also improves the internal and external customer service skills of your workforce.

For example; subjects such as effective communication and the understanding of non-verbal indicators (body language), will ultimately work through your workforce to have a positive impact on your customers.

On completion learners will be able to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills to manage and reduce conflict in their workplace. They will adopt a fresh approach to dealing with aggressive and violent individuals and protect themselves from the negative impact of conflict, aggression and violence which manifests itself in the workplace.

For more details please visit Lone Worker Safety Training Explained >>

Our lone worker safety courses are designed specifically to meet the training needs of the individual client and to reflect the working environment of learners attending in order to create relevance. Each personal safety for lone workers course is based on a training needs analysis which we carry out.

Course Summary – Personal Safety for Lone Workers Course

Part 1 (Conflict Management & Resolution Theory) - Structure of effective communication Blocks to communication Winning trust Managing customer expectations Signalling Non-aggression Levels of risk Dynamic risk assessment Threat response Emotional vs. rational responses Fight or flight The human behaviour cycle Non-verbal indicators / Body language Defusing high risk conflict Signs of escalationTriggers & inhibitors Stimulus response Maintaining self-control Empathy / perspective Working as a team Introduction to the law in relation to the use of force Recording and reporting

Part 2 (Personal Safety Techniques) - Creating space & distance Stance, Balance & Movement Blocks & Defensive walls Distraction techniques Break-away & Disengagement Wrist grip release Clothing grip release Neck & strangle release Rescue & separation

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Target Learners – Lone Worker Safety Course

Our personal safety for lone workers course is designed for anyone working in an environment where they have direct contact with the public, especially where they are working on their own or with limited access to immediate assistance from others. We already work with clients from the following sectors:

Hospitality industry Licensed premises Retail Health service Transport Revenue inspection Private security industry Event & venue stewards Education Traffic control Emergency services Local authorities Housing association and many more…

We welcome new enquiries and have repeatedly demonstrated that our lone worker safety training benefits clients from any sector where workplace violence occurs. 

Assessment Criteria – Lone Worker Safety Course

Learners on our personal safety for lone workers course are awarded their certificate of attendance for successfully completing the lone worker safety course, providing they take a full and active part throughout all sessions and satisfy the tutor of their comprehension of conflict management and resolution theory as well as competence in the personal safety techniques demonstrated; where appropriate they will demonstrate this understanding during the scenario based exercises at the end of the session.

Qualification Accreditation – Personal Safety for Lone Workers

The lone worker safety course is accredited by Beyond the Blue Training & Consultancy.
Each learner will receive an individually numbered certificate of attendance when they successfully complete the personal safety for lone workers course.

We can also provide countersigned ‘Training Record’ documents which outline the course content and are signed by the learner to confirm their learning; these make a useful addition to the employees personnel file.

NHS Security Management Service (SMS) Lone Worker Safety Course

All our lone worker safety courses are individually designed to meet the bespoke requirements of individual client’s working environment. This is particularly important for front-line staff working within the health care sector.

Our personal safety for lone workers courses incorporate the 10 learning objective highlighted by the NHS SMS approved syllabus and all our trainers have attended the NHS SMS ‘Conflict Resolution Familiarisation Seminar’.

For more details on our training designed specifically for the NHS please visit NHS SMS Conflict Resolution >>

Choose Beyond the Blue as your Training Provider

Beyond the Blue is recognised as a leader in the field of conflict management both by existing clients and industry bodies alike.

Beyond the Blue is a ‘BIIAB Grade 1 Accredited Training Centre’; the BIIAB describe Grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’.

We strive to deliver excellence in both the services we supply and the level of service we deliver. We understand that the quality of our conflict resolution training is measured by what our clients think:

  • 'Made me feel more comfortable and confident in my job as a lone driver' – Royal Holloway University of London
  • ‘Confidence booster for staff who are concerned about their safety’ – Dacorum Borough Council Environmental Health
  • ‘Great course, both the theory and practical sessions. Great trainers!’ - Builders Depot
  • More Approval Ratings & Learner Feedback >>

For more reasons why clients choose Beyond the Blue as their lone worker safety training provider please visit Why Choose Beyond the Blue >>


1The minimum number of learners required to deliver an in-house personal safety for lone workers course may increase depending on the location of the required training to enable us to cover our travel expenses.

2All fees are quoted exclusive of vat at the current rate.

Additional Information

Download our ‘Resolving Workplace Violence through Conflict Management Training’ Leaflet >> (pdf document)

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