Conflict Management Course Overview

Each of our conflict management and resolution course is developed specifically for the individual client. We carry out a Training Needs Analysis before delivering the course to a new client for the first time; as every workplace has different requirements and our courses are tailored to meet these different realities. Through this research we develop an understanding of your business and are able to make courses more relevant to your employees.

The course usually runs over one day and uses classroom style teaching, interactive discussion, group exercises and scenario based coaching to achieve the learning objectives; this approach allows us to meet the preferred learning styles of all the candidates attending.

Our courses are designed for both those on the ‘front-line’ and those who are only occasionally customer facing. We teach candidates to understand of the causes of Workplace Violence; by examining the reasons for aggression and recognising the signs and symptoms it gives candidates the best chance of effecting a positive reaction from any person who is becoming aggressive or violent. We help candidates get a 360 degree understanding of the causes, allowing them to develop solutions to violence in their particular workplace.


All our courses are interactive and we encourage all candidates to play an active part in the discussions, exercises and scenarios, in order to maximise the learning outcomes.

The objective of our course is to provide candidates with the skills and techniques to allow them to defuse conflict before it turns to violence.


We have made a typical example of one of our Conflict Management Learning Programmes available for you to download as a pdf.


All our professional trainers are specialist in their field and have all completed the NHS CFSMS ‘Conflict Resolution Syllabus Familiarisation Seminar’. Our courses incorporate the NHS CFSMs syllabus in full. For more details please visit our NHS CFSMS Compliance page.

For higher risk environments or environments where employees may expect in the course of their duties to encounter more regular aggression or physical violence; or where employees are required to physically intervene, restrain or remove disruptive, aggressive or violent individuals, we would recommend our Physical Intervention course to compliment conflict management and resolution training.


For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our conflict management and resolution course please visit Conflict Management & Resolution - FAQs.