Personal Safety Course Overview

Personal safety is a concern to many employees and in particular to those working alone in environments which carry additional risk of abuse, harassment, aggression or violence; is not a subject which can be brushed under the carpet and ignored.


Often employers and organisations only consider training in this area when something goes wrong; this lack of foresight can have a disabling effect on your business.

In the year 2004 - 2005 over 1,000,000 offences of 'Violence Against The Person' (Source: National Office of Statistics) were reported to the police in England & Wales. Considering the potential number of minor assaults, aggression, harassment, threats, etc. not reported, the picture is much worse. These figures do not include many other crimes that could quite easily lead to personal safety issues such as burglary, criminal damage, drug related crimes etc. If we include all crime 'reported' in England and Wales the figure is staggeringly over 5,500,000 reported offences.

Add to these figures the additional risk that individuals may face as a result of their specific working environment, these figures can really become polarised and instil fear in your workforce.

We run courses designed for specific working environments including, Conflict Management & Resolution and Physical Intervention.

Our personal safety for lone workers course is a combination of these two courses and takes in key skills from both. This approach gives candidates an overall view of how they can manage and resolve conflict as well as providing them with a few low-impact break-away and disengagement techniques.

The suitability of this course is determined during a Training Needs Analysis we carry out prior to designing the learning programme.

Personal safety is specific to particular circumstances and unique working environments. We design courses to suit your particular requirements and those of your employees. The objective of our course is to provide candidates with the skills to allow them to defuse conflict before it turns to violence and to master break-away and disengagement techniques for situations where conflict management skills can't prevent physical aggression or violence. These personal safety techniques create time, space and distance in order to allow candidates to escape or call for assistance.


We have made a typical example of one of our Personal Safety - Learning Programmes available for you to download as a pdf.

For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our personal safety for lone workers course please visit Personal Safety Course - FAQs.