Fire Safety Course Overview

Fire is one of the most destructive risks to any business. The consequences of a serious fire can bring even the most secure business to its knees for an extended period; not to mention the potential for injury to employees and visitors.


Most modern buildings now come with sophisticated fire detection systems, but this does not negate the importance of training. These systems alert us of fire, but do nothing for fire prevention or in dictating how people react to them; training must still be the core component of your fire safety procedures.


Despite the destructive nature of fire, some businesses still choose to cross their fingers in relation to fire safety or buy generic 'off the shelf'' Fire Risk Assessments simply to 'tick the box'; these rarely reflect the actual working environment.


We refer to our Fire Risk Assessments as a 'living document' because we develop it to be easily adopted by the ‘responsible person’ within the organisation, who can then amend it as the business grows or diversifies. The Risk Assessment not only outlines the specific details of your premises, but provides the explanations behind the requirements to make them more easily understood.


One key factor which every Fire Risk Assessment must contain to conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, is a requirement for all employees to receive suitable Fire Safety Training.


Our Fire Safety courses are designed to be suitable for all employees. The emphasis of this half day course is fire prevention, fire safety and fire evacuation; we also examine the fire fighting equipment (and their limitations) which is available to candidates in their workplace.


Our approach to fire safety is to ensure that candidates understand the fundamentals of fire and therefore how it can be prevented. The second priority is to examine effective systems to ensure all employees, visitors and customers can be safely evacuated and that the professionals (the fire brigade) are called to attend.


We always research each client’s specific requirements through a Training Needs Analysis; this ensures that our courses reflect the client's actual working environment.


The course will provide all candidates with an understanding of their responsibilities on discovering a fire and within a fire evacuation. We emphasise the gravity of fire, the threat it presents to your business and the safety and welfare of those in your premises.


We have made a typical example of our Fire Safety - Learning Programme available for you to download.


Our fire safety courses are designed to complement your Fire Risk Assessment. If you do not currently have a Fire Risk Assessment for your premises, we can assist you with this process; please visit our Fire Safety – Consultancy Service page.


A Fire Risk Assessment is required for every public place in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our fire safety course please visit Fire Safety Training - FAQs.