Licensing Compliancy Folder

Every licensed premises should have the appropriate document trail in order to support their defence of due diligence when situations occur which could lead to potential prosecutions arise against the business, designated premises supervisor (DPS) or premises licence holder.


Local licensing authorities, the police and other responsible authorities will also expect licensed premises to maintain document records in order to demonstrate support of the licensing objectives. 


We have developed licensing compliancy files for clients as part of our licensing consultancy service and are now offering these for general sale.



Folder Contents


The licensing compliancy file consists of:


  • Register of refusals – Every time any refusal is made for any reason, the refusal must be recorded. The sale of alcohol must be refused when the buyer is; drunk, underage or appears underage and does not have an acceptable identity document, acting on behalf of someone under age or involved in disorderly conduct.
  • Age restricted items sales policy – A company policy to adopt in relation to underage sales, which can also be used as a training aid for staff before authorising them to sell alcohol. 
  • Challenge 21 or 25 poster – To publicise your Challenge 21 or 25 policy 
  • Authorisation to sell alcohol form – Any person selling alcohol must either be a personal licence holder or be authorised by a personal licence holder. Any person authorised to sell alcohol should be recorded on the ‘authorisation to sell alcohol form’ maintained at the premises. 
  • Sale of restricted items by persons under the age of 18 – Any person under the age of 18 who sells a restricted item must have each sale authorised by a ‘responsible person’ and that sale should be documented. A ‘responsible person’ is described as someone over 18 who is authorised to sell alcohol. 
  • Door supervisor register - Where door supervisors are employed or contracted in it is the responsibility of the premises licence holder to ensure they are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA); they must also check that their licence is valid, by checking it against the SIA register. This check should be recorded; our register contains comprehensive guidance notes on completing this process. 
  • Incident report form – Any incident where interaction takes place between an employee and a member of the public likely to lead to a complaint, where access is refused or where any form of physical contact takes place must be recorded. Civil cases can be brought several years after an incident and effective reports provide a valuable tool in providing a defence against prosecution.  
  • Incident report continuation form – For use when an incident report longer than one page is required. 
  • Master copies on CD – We provide you with a CD containing all your forms as pdfs, so you can print off additional forms as required. 



Add Your Logo - Free of Charge


If you provide us with your company logo in jpeg format, we will add this to all the forms and personalise your folder with you company identity. If no logo is provided we use a generic font with your company name to act as a header for each form.


There is no additional cost for the addition of your logo.



Additional folders


Where a premises has more than one point of sale (bar, shop counter etc.) or where a company has more than one outlet, we can provide additional folders. These contain all of the documents listed with the exception of the CD.


If you provide us with the individual outlet names, we personalise each folder to ensure that they are easily identifiable.



To Obtain a Licensing Compliancy Folder


  • Call us on 01784 434 392 / 0845 602 55 95 (low call rate from a land-line). Talk to a member of our professional team of licensing consultants, who will answer your questions promptly and honestly.
  • Alternatively you can Email Us



Licensing Compliancy File Pricing 


  • Licensing Compliancy File - £18.50 + vat
  • Additional Files - £15.00 + vat
  • Logo Added – Free
  • Postage & Packing - £4.50 per file



Who should have a licensing compliancy folder?


The licensing compliancy folder is designed for anyone who sells or supplies alcohol on premises licensed under the Licensing Act 2003.


Pubs Bars Night Clubs Private Members Clubs Social Clubs Licensed Café’s Hotels Leisure Centres Events Companies Restaurants Off-Licenses Licensed Shops Supermarkets Internet / Telephone Sale of Alcohol and many more…


It allows employers, designated premises supervisors (DPS) and personal licence holders the peace of mind to know that employees have access to all the forms and documents they need to meet their statutory requirements.



What is the advantage of a licensing compliancy folder?


The licensing compliancy folder delivers all your required front-line forms and documents in one place and in an easy to use format.


Licensed premises are often very busy and their employees already have significant responsibility in ensuring that alcohol is sold in compliance with the premises licence and the Licensing Act 2003. As well as these responsibilities, they have health & safety responsibilities, customer service standards and financial obligations (ensure that the correct charges are made) to meet.


With all of this going on, the seemingly simplest tasks can be seen as a burden or ‘something which can be done later’ and are often forgotten; something as simple as documenting a refusal is often ignored.


The advantage of a form based system is that the form prompts the employee to complete each section and ensures that all the relevant information is recorded, with the minimal effort.


Blank refusals books although perfectly acceptable, don’t encourage completion and employees, when they are very busy, may miss vital details.


The licensing compliancy file also keeps your records consistent, which in turn demonstrates a greater level of professionalism. Subsequently when records are inspected by the responsible authorities or when they are used as part of an effective defence against possible prosecution, this consistent approach compliments your due diligence.



Additional Information


Further information about all our alcohol licensing training & consultancy services is available on this website:



For further details please Contact Us or call us on 01784 434 392 / 0845 602 55 95 to speak with one of our licensing consultants.