Personal Licence Application Service

Our Personal Licence Application Service gives our clients the peace of mind to know their personal licence application will be completed in the quickest possible time-frame.

This optional personal licence application service takes all the hassle out of the application process and significantly reduces the chance of delays and additional charges1 if applications are filed incorrectly.

All personal licence applications are checked by one of our professional licensing consultants prior to submission.

In order to apply for a personal licence an individual must have obtained the Award for Personal Licence Holders Course (APLH) qualification.

The Personal Licence Application Service Includes:

  • Completion of the ‘Application for a Personal Licence’ Form
  • Completion of the ‘Disclosure of Convictions and Declaration’ Form
  • Endorsement of your photographs
  • Application for the ‘Criminal Conviction Certificate’ (Basic DBS crtificate) and the associated fees
  • A review of all documentation prior to submitting the personal licence application to the local licensing authority and any other responsible authority as required
  • The licensing authority’s personal licence application fee1
  • An electronic scan of the applicant’s personal licence once it is received by us
  • The personal licence and the supporting documents sent by recorded first class post, to the applicant within 48 hours of being received by us.


Information & Documentation Required from the Applicant

  • A photocopy or scan of an identity document (passport, drivers licence etc.)
  • A photocopy or scan of a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc.)
  • 2 original colour passport photographs
  • Personal details required for the application and details of any unspent relevant or foreign convictions3
  • Applicant’s signature on the forms; this can be done of the day of the APLH Course >>


Personal Licence Application Service - £152 including vat

The fees include:

  • Personal licence application service £75.00 + vat.
  • Licensing authority application fee £37.00
  • Criminal conviction certificate fee £25.00

Special Discount of £12.00, on any Personal Licence Application Service Booked Online Today in combination with a Personal Licence Course

For further details please call 01784 434 392 / 0800 066 55 24, Contact Us or speak to your Award for Personal Licence Holders course tutor.

Time Scales

The timeframe for the applications vary depending on the external agencies we have to apply through. However once we have all the information & documentation required from the applicant, we turn each stage of the application round within 48 hours; in practice we normally complete each of our stages on the same day.

Below we outline a typical time-line for a personal licence application using our application service:

Stage 1 – Applicant provides us with the relevant information, supporting documents and photographs

Stage 2 (max. 48 hours) – We submit an application for a Basic DBS; or the equivalent.

Stage 3 (2-4 weeks) – The DBS process the criminal conviction certificate (Basic DBS) and send it back to us.

Stage 4 (max 48 hours) – We check all the documentation (including the APLH certificate which usually takes about a week to be received from BIIAB) and submit the completed application to the appropriate licensing authority and other responsible authorities where required.

Stage 5 (1 week to 3 months / the average is 3 to 5 weeks) – the Licensing Authority will process the licence and return both parts to us. By law the licensing authority has 3 months in which they must complete the application.

Stage 6 (max. 48 hours) – We will check the personal licence, scan it and email you a scan of the licence for your records. We post the personal licence on within 48 hours by recorded first class post and securely destroy all supporting documents and personal information.

Stages 1 to 6 - The average time in which we complete the personal licence application service, is 6 to 8 weeks. However many are received more quickly; our record is completion within 12 days.

We pay all the associated fees at each stage of the process. These are included in the £152 personal licence application service fee.

For further information please call 01784 434 392 / 0800 066 55 24 and speak with one of our Licensing Consultants.


1If the original information supplied by the applicant is incorrect; the applicant will be liable for any additional fees.

3Where applicants have an unspent relevant or foreign conviction, the police may choose to make a representation against the personal licence application. If pursued this may require the applicant to attend a licensing committee hearing with the police. The personal licence application service fees do not cover representation at any hearing. No refunds are made where a relevant conviction, foreign conviction or failure to provide accurate or complete information results in a personal licence application being refused.

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