How Learners Rate Beyond the Blue Training

After every course we ask learners to complete a short feedback form; we always ask for honest comments, good and bad. Our feedback forms are broken into two sections; ‘scores’ and ‘comments’.

This feedback allows us to assess ourselves and act in order to improve; we understand that our service levels are a reflection of what our clients think, not what we believe.

98.98% Positive Approval Rating for 2018

The following is a summary of all scores (1 = Very Poor / 5 = Excellent), across all courses, given to us in 2018.

We consider a score of either 4 or 5 as a 'positive approval rating'; 3 as 'average';  2 as 'Poor': and 1 as 'Very Poor'.

‘Course Content’ – 100%

4 (11.8%) or 5 (88.2%)

‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’ – 99.85%

4 (3.9%) or 5 (96.0%)

‘Presentation of Information’ – 98.96%

4 (13.9%) or 5 (85.1%)

‘Training & Examination Facilities’
– 96.86%

4 (17.4%) or 5 (79.5%)

‘Accomplished Learning Objectives’ – 98.95%

4 (12.9%) or 5 (86.0%)

‘Course Administration’ – 98.35%

4 (11.9%) or 5 (86.5%)

‘Overall Courses Satisfaction’ – 99.85%

4 (11.2%) or 5 (88.6%)

Across All Categories - 98.98% 

1 (0.02%) / 2 (0.02%) / 3 (0.98%) / 4 (11.84%) / 5 (87.14%)

Comments Received
The following is a selection of comments received from learners who have attended training with Beyond the Blue:

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  • ‘The trainer was well prepared and delivered an excellent course answering all our questions’ - Katarina Caualoua, Vinapolis
  • ‘Been in the trade 21 years and never knew the law had changed so much’ - Keith Sessions - Goring & Streatley Golf Club
  • ‘A very interesting and informal course. The time flew by and held my attention the whole time’ - Keith Beckley - Metropolitan Police (Hayes) Sports Club
  • ‘Peter was the most organised trainer I have ever experienced on a course. Great visual aids.’ – Todd Roberts, Bromley Mytime
  • ‘Trainer was very informative and knew his subject inside out’ – Simon Jones, Virgin Active
  • ‘Very good, clear and effective training – helps drill home the true responsibilities of holding a licence’ – Matthew Wake, Namco Operations Europe Limited
  • ‘Well delivered course – very relaxed atmosphere and everyone felt comfortable to ask questions if needed’ – Alison Miller, Wahaca Soho
  • ‘Very clear and well organised presentation, performed with enthusiasm’ – Alastair Brown, No Curfew Limited
  • ‘Fantastic training, really enjoyed the course’ – Richard de Goede, Berkshire College of Agriculture
  • ‘Fantastic course, well planned and informative’ – Jenny Stokes
  • ‘Very clear, concise and knowledgeable presentation which was easy to follow in a relaxed atmosphere. Very impressive’ – Andy Scott
  • ‘Trainer was very professional and friendly’ – Alexandre Callaud - Swissotel
  • ‘Excellent. Peter goes beyond that required. Thank you. – Christian Staunskjaer
  • ‘All elements of the course were explained clearly and effectively, time went quickly, learning was swift. Thank you.’ – Amy Knowles – Lavender Park Golf Centre
  • ‘Very good course, well targeted and nice to be in a small group. I would definitely send my staff and recommend to others.’ – Daniel Land
  • ‘Excellent hand-outs and briefing packs with examples. Highly recommendable.’ – Anita Curran
  • ‘I thought it was extremely well run, very informative in a very comfortable and easily digested way. Vey professional.’ – Graham Cunningham
  • ‘Excellent day course. Enrolled out of necessity but thoroughly enjoyed the day, finding it both informative as well as instructive.’ – Neville Green
  • ‘The course was very well structured, very straightforward, focussing on the key points and not wasting time on marginal subjects.’ – Federico Solli – Black & Blue Restaurant Group
  • ‘Extremely good course, well documented, well presented, really liked the examples used in order to understand certain points.’ – Mila Esteban
  • ‘Very impressed by the knowledge of the trainer and his presentation’ - Lisa Spence
  • ‘An excellent informative course. Showed me I didn’t know as much as I thought’ – Graham Sturdy, The North Star
  • ‘Excellent course covering all aspects of licensing, I learned a lot’ – Angela Ferrara – Carlingold Ltd.
  • ‘Very pleasant approach to the course, friendly yet professional and informative’ – A J Miller
  • ‘Seemed particularly well informed and eager to teach’ – Matt Cooper, James Hogg Enterprises
  • ‘Very helpful easy to understand and found it easy to stay focussed and sustain concentration’ – Karl Brown, I.N.C. Space
  • ‘Very well run course! Peter was a great presenter. I will definitely use beyond the Blue for subsequent training’ – Tom McKim, Borough Wines
  • ‘Very professional and comprehensive training. In a good, positive atmosphere – well done!’ – Gary Davies, Hillier Nursery
  • ‘Excellent training. Very thorough and approachable tutor’ – Joshua Hodgson, Gigalum
  • ‘Peter Mayhew is very knowledgeable and this comes through and I like the ethics side of things. If more people get taught this side of legislation, it would be great!’ – Sara Haglund, Cartwright Brothers Vintners
  • ‘Great content and the trainer was extremely patient and professional’ – Jack Smillie, Virgin Active
  • ‘Excellent instruction – instructor very good at refining and defining questions and answering accordingly’ – Claire Hawksley, Les Senteurs Ltd
  • ‘The course was much more interesting  than I had imagined and there were many facts that I had no knowledge of which were extremely useful’ - Laura Jackson, Towpath Café
  • ‘Not only useful for passing the APLH exam, but useful professional advice’ - Ian Wilson
  • ‘Good, knowledgeable & professional trainer, with a great wealth of experience’ - Andreas Uhl
  • ‘Well put together (good structure and pace) interesting and experienced trainer’ - Philip Rees
  • ‘I think the course is excellent in its content and has given me a good basis to return and help with the running of my venue and training of my staff’ - David Baxter – Busy (Luton) Ltd.
  • ‘By far the most well-organised and well-presented course I have attended. Thank you’ - Jason Cook
  • ‘I would not have attended the course, changed our licence or even realised our non-compliance without Peter’s (unpaid) advice. Thank you’ - Michael Evans - Goring & Streatley Golf Club
  • ‘Very useful course, professionally delivered’ - Robert Maxted, RHS Gardens Wiseley
  • ‘I enjoyed the course and gained a lot of valuable knowledge. I found more of an interest in the legal aspect of licensing which I look forward to implementing’ - Olivia Prince, Hoburne Naish
  • ‘Very enjoyable and interesting. Great to learn the law about all the different licensing a company needs’ – Kez Wells, I.N.C. Space
  • ‘Very clear and concise training by an approachable trainer’ – Lorraine Harrow, The Woods Bristol
  • 'Peter was extremely knowledgeable and a very good teacher.' – Russell Roberts
  • ‘The trainer was a great course administrator, he spoke clearly, was patient and knowledgeable.’ – Norfolk Plaza Hotel


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  • ‘Very clear and informative trainer. Pitched at a good level. Excellent reinforcement as well as new information and advice’ – Hampshire Country Council
  • ‘Very informative and useful for high risk scenarios’ – Ray Forster, Dacorum Borough Council Environmental Health
  • ‘Brilliant course, easily the best training we receive’ – University of London
  • ‘The trainers knowledge and performance was excellent’ – Steven Pretty – Firmdale Hotels
  • ‘I will recommend Beyond the Blue to people I know’ – Adil Murati
  • 'I really liked the interactive activities, they really got the message across' – Vanessa Murray
  • ‘Very good course, experienced knowledge of security issues.’ – Builders Depot
  • ‘The course was very helpful for our interaction with customers and in dealing with any aggressive customers’ – Craig Toms
  • ‘Really good fun and interesting, I feel that I have taken in all the information’ – Daniel Francis, Greyhound Inn
  • ‘I felt as though I gained more insight and knowledge on ‘diffusing the situation’’ – Steven Hodgettes
  • ‘Very well put across and an enjoyable day’ – Dom Godfrey
  • ‘Thoroughly enjoyable and educational’ – Will Barrowclough
  • 'Made me feel more comfortable and confident in my job as a lone driver' – Students’ Union Royal Holloway
  • ‘Brilliant teaching style. Really easy to learn from’ – Sarah Bartlett
  • ‘Very good course and instructors, good interaction and a very enjoyable day.’ – Jake Howard
  • ‘Confidence booster for staff who are concerned about their safety’ – Iain Newcombe, Dacorum Borough Council Environmental Health
  • ‘The trainer was very friendly and made you feel comfortable in what you were doing’ – University of London
  • ‘It was a very helpful and informative course, especially the personal safety techniques’ – Royal Holloway Students’ Union
  • ‘Really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. It was extremely well tailored to our workplace which made it more useful’ – Sabrina Purser
  • ‘Great course, both the theory and practical sessions. Great teachers!’ - Zena Bennington, Builders Depot

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