University & Students’ Union Consultancy Service

This very unique environment is one we understand well at Beyond The Blue. With a wealth of experience in this sector, we keen to forge links with Students’ Unions, Student Guilds, Student Associations and Universities throughout the United Kingdom.


Our experience spans over 20 years; we have observed and participated in the unbelievable transformation which has seen these organisations evolve from the 'hay bales and yards of ale' environments and place themselves on the cutting edge of the licensed retail sector and entertainment industries. At 'student venues' throughout the country, competitors are replicating what Students’ Unions are offering, rather than leading the way themselves.


Every University faces a unique set of challenges; campus and non campus, rural and city centre and big and small; however the common ground is substantial and we believe that across the country they generally set similar goals.


In our experience Universities have one asset above all others which their competitors can never hope to replicate; they have the advantage of an infinite number of well educated individuals who want to work within their organisations. Students not only have skills worth much more than their roles reward them with financially, but also have a sense of dedication to the organisation which simply does not exist amongst their competitors.


The countries most successful companies visit Universities regularly to cherry pick the countries best future employees, not just because they are well educated, but because they are hard working, enthusiastic and creative. Many will go on to be leaders in industry, leaders of people, leaders in their community and the country. You have the chance to realise this potential, harness it and use it to your advantage.


It may be that you can only secure their services for a year or two, but the benefits to your organisation even in this relatively short time can be substantial; just as importantly the experience you give them, can literally change their lives.


We believe that it is in the interest of every University and Students’ Union to employ students in every position in which it is reasonable and feasible to do so. We know form experience that students can excel in some roles which traditionally have been filled by full-time employees and recruited from outside of the student body.


Student employees who are managed in a positive way and trained to suitable levels can take on very responsible roles, be a huge asset to their organisation and are extremely cost effective.


The other significant advantage this approach brings is that by employing the very same people who make up 100% of your customer base, you are uniquely positioned to be able to develop your business from a unique perspective; if your employees are identical to your customers, how can you get it wrong?

While being close to your customer base is a huge advantage and should be exploited, it can also be your achilles heel. Across all types of business, one of the most common and fundamental mistakes is being so close to, and involved in, your business that you are unable to identify the problems within it. The most effective managers recognise this, act on it and actively seek the advantages which a new perspective can give them; we are uniquely placed to provide you with this perspective.

We enjoy working with the energy students bring to everything they do. Their ideas, innovation and ability to look at situations with a fresh pair of eyes and without any preconceived barriers to what is possible, is refreshing.

Beyond The Blue can help you succeed in this unique sector, help you make the most of your potential and demonstrate that you can be better than all your competition, even with their substantial financial backing. We work with you to make your organisation work for you.


Some of the areas where we work with Universities and Unions include:


For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your workplace.