Security Industry Consultancy Service

Security in the workplace is a top priority, with the list of threats affecting businesses seemingly growing year on year. Depending on the nature of the organisation the threats might include:


• Threats, aggression and violence against employees and other service users • Crowd control • Entry control • Protection and escorting of cash & valuables • Damage and vandalism to property • Theft • Terrorism • Drug use & dealing • Emergency evacuation •


Security Planning


Whether you are setting up a new workplace or restructuring an existing one, we have the experience to assess the threats to your organisation and advise you on all the available options to protect against them, through the implementation of a well defined security plan.

This plan will suggest action points for you to execute or which we can implement on your behalf.

Our approach to the development of your security plan is to examine your existing systems, technology and personnel and gauge their effectiveness, before recommending improvements or changes; our aim is to reinforce that which works well in your business and provide solutions to address those areas where there is room for improvement.


We recognise that each client faces different challenges and we address these through a combination of proactive, innovative and comprehensive action plans. Our solutions are not ‘off-the-shelf’ ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, but rather developed specifically for your workplace. They highlight employee numbers, the role of individual employees, training requirements (both statutory and more advanced continued professional development), available technologies and implementation of workplace specific systems.


As part of the consultancy process we work with existing employees and managers to develop the new systems your workplace requires; this allows them to feel comfortable working within the new systems and allows them to claim ownership of them.



We perform a Training Needs Analysis to evaluate the training requirements including workplace specific training such as our In-House Security Induction programme; we also develop Premises Specific Security Handbooks which support the training provided.


In-House Security


We specialise in the processes of bringing contracted-out security, in-house. This has wide ranging advantages from liability issues, to cost benefits and the ability to develop your team to achieve higher standards which reflect more positively on the business. More details on this process can be found on our In-House Security Induction – Course Overview page.



Security demands should be a priority in any business plan; underestimating or ignoring the relevant security requirements will undermine any budget and /or lead to increased costs of repair, reduced customer loyalty and loss of income.


Getting the level of security right and weighing this up against other considerations, such as the use of existing and new technologies, justifies the expense of the proactive planning very quickly.


Our experienced consultants come from a number of different backgrounds, both from the public sector (such as the police) and the private sector; we bring skills from both to provide a co-ordinated approach to your challenges.


If you are planning an event, our Event Security Consultancy Service page contains more information on this specialist area.


For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your business.