Drugs Awareness Consultancy Service

Controlled (illegal) drugs cause significant problems within many sectors and present challenges to organisations as diverse as the NHS and the hospitality industry.


Few workplaces to which the public have access are free from the negative effects of controlled drugs. With in excess of 1 million cocaine users, 35,000 heroin users, 125,000 ketamine users, 2.5 million cannabis users and 600,000 ecstasy users in the UK, it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that almost every workplace will be affected.


The consequences for businesses / organisations of illegal drug use and drug dealing can include; loss of reputation, loss of income, additional costs, legal complications and negatively impacting on the safety of employees.


Every workplace faces its own set of challenges and our consultancy service provides solutions specific to those which affect you.


There is no ‘quick fix’ for dealing with illegal drugs, no solution which can be carried out once and then ignored; it is an area where continued vigilance and strong systems need to be implemented in order to provide effective solutions.


We provide strategies to deal with problems associated with controlled drugs. Our approach is to use proactive measures to discourage and prevent drug use and drug dealing.


A summary of our approach can be broken down into 5 easy steps:


  • Identification
  • Drug Policies
  • Design
  • Workplace Systems
  • Training


We examine the problems present in the workplace from controlled drugs; put appropriate zero tolerance drugs policies into place (in conjunction with the police where appropriate); examine the design of the workplace and identify where improvements can be made, as well as risk rating different areas; produce systems of operation and supervision specific to each individual workplace; and train the team in the outcome of the consultancy project, allowing them to take ownership of the controlled drugs policies and their enforcement.


We encourage effective training of employees in Drug Awareness to enable them to identify drug litter, drug use and drug dealing and put preventative measures into place. Further details of our training solutions are available on our Drug Awareness Training page.


For more details on our consultancy service, please Contact Us and we will be delighted to discuss how our services can provide solutions for your workplace.