Temporary Event Notice (TEN) Application Service

We deliver a complete Temporary Event Notice (TEN) Application Service for clients seeking to apply for a TEN anywhere throughout England & Wales.

The Temporary Event Notice (TEN) application service gives our clients the peace of mind to know that their temporary event notice will be completed professionally by our experienced licensing consultants, giving them the best chance of success.

Our licensing consultants have many years of experience completing temporary event notice applications for a wide variety of premises; these include retail shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, blue chip companies and event spaces. For more details please visit The Advantage of Licensing Consultants >>

How We Approach Your Notice

  1. Discuss the TEN with the client – We discuss the details of the temporary event notice application and use all our experience and knowledge to advise our clients of all their options; final recommendations are based on these discussion.
  2. Submit the temporary event notice – We complete the TEN application forms and submit the fees. The completed temporary event notice is then forwarded to the relevant responsible authorities.
  3. Check the TEN – Successful temporary event notices are checked by one of our licensing consultants and sent on to the client within 24 hours of being received by us.

Representations & Licensing Committee Hearings

If representations (objections against your temporary events notice) are received we can provide follow-up services.

  1. Review any representation received – We will review any representations received and advise on a strategy going forward.
  2. Hold discussions to resolve representations – We will lead negotiations on behalf of the client to discuss any representations received, with a view to delivering solutions which will allow representations to be withdrawn.
  3. Representation for licensing committee hearings – When it has not been possible to resolve objections through a consensus approach, we can provide representation for the client at the subsequent licensing committee hearing.


Our fees for this service are transparent; where temporary event notice applications are more complex, some of the costs will be variable.

  • Temporary event notice application service – £127.50
  • TEN Local Authority application fee – £21.00. We pay this fee on our client’s behalf and charge it back at cost.
  • Additional time - £85.00 per hour. Where additional time is required above the time allocated within the standard service package, for detailed negotiations or consultations, additional meetings or site visits and other work associated with the temporary event notice application, this will be charged out by the hour; i.e. for complicated TEN’s where representations are received.
  • Travel2 – Variable fees. Where travel and over-night stays are required, these are charged out at cost

Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

A temporary event notice (often referred to as a TEN) should be given at least 10 clear working days before the date of the proposed event and covers the licensable activities of:

  • The Sale of Alcohol
  • Regulated Entertainment
  • Late Night Refreshment - sale of hot food or drink between 23.00 and 05.00.

Late TEN3 - In some cases where a commercial opportunity is received at short notice, a ‘Late Temporary Event Notice / Late TEN’ can be made giving just 5 clear working days notice.

A temporary event notice can be used by clients to offer their customers licensable activities for which there is either no premises licence in place or where an existing premises licence does not cover the times or activities sought.

Temporary Event Notices are subject to a set of limitations:

  • Max. number of TEN’s per premises, per year - 12
  • Max. number of days covered by a TEN per premises, per year - 21
  • Max. number of people permitted at a TEN at any one time – 499
  • Max. duration of a TEN – 168 hours
  • Max. number of TEN’s which can be applied for by a Personal Licence Holder per year – 50 (Max. 5 Late TENs)
  • Max. number of TEN’s which can be applied for by a non-personal licence holder per year – 5 (max. 2 Late TENs)
  • ‘A year’ runs from 1st January – 31st December
  • ‘A day’ runs from midnight to midnight.

Our licensing consultants provide clients with guidance on the best way to maximise their access to temporary event notices.

3Please note; if a ‘Late TEN’ receives any representation (objections) from the police or environmental health, the applicant has no recourse to appeal and a counter notice will be issued against the temporary event notice applied for; preventing the event from taking place.

For further information please call 01784 434 392 / 0845 602 55 95 and speak with one of our Professional Licensing Consultants.

Beyond the Blue’s Licensing Consultants

Our professional licensing consultants have years of experience working and negotiating with different licensing authorities, police services and other responsible authorities.

We have submitted many successful temporary event notice applications and successfully negotiated many cases with the police and environmental health officer. Below are just a few recent examples:

BlackRock (City of London)Household Cavalry Museum & Horse Guards Parade Ground (Westminster City Council) No Curfew (London Borough of Hackney – Shoreditch Special Policy Area) Rainbow Restaurant (London Borough of Croydon)

There are a many good reasons why you should choose an experienced licensing consultant to undertake your TEN application. For more information please visit The Advantage of Licensing Consultants >>


1All fees are exclusive of vat at the current rate.

2Where travel of more than 100 miles from our offices in Surrey is required, services may be subject to additional fees to cover travel expenses. Travel is undertaken by public transport or car and charged to the client at the cost of the cheapest option. Where overnight stays are required, these are also charged out at cost.

Additional fees which may be incurred, are agreed with the client in advance.

Additional Information

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